Friday, January 18, 2008

Coming Home? Part 2. Wednesday, Jan 16th, 08

After a long walk on the white sand beach, occasionally letting tiny icy wavelets ripple over our bare feet, we met up with surfer dude and headed off to Jimmy’s Restaurant for an excellent lunch. I had grilled calamari and shrimp, and I confess – the chips/fries that were cooked to perfection. SA knows its chips!

Back at the apartment it was time to unpack my suitcase. Hung up clothes, packed things neatly in the drawers and then paused, perplexed. There were three things missing from my bag. Weird! One was my super-duper international adapter which rotated on both sides to make any combination of adaptors for Africa, Asia, Europe or America. I had picked it up on a trip to Hong Kong a few years ago and it had saved me and my laptop in many countries since. Item number two was a hairstyling.brush that I use whenever I wash my hair. I clearly remembered exactly where in the suitcase I packed them in the London hotel. The third item I had not even taken out of my suitcase in London. It was my carefully selected 3 week supply of vitamins. Bizarre. I mentioned this to my sister in law half expecting that I would be scoffed at, but no. Apparently his has been a problem at the airport – items stolen from suitcases. And I was using the special combination lock hat you need for American customs so its not inconceivable that these people have figured out how to open it. But what bizarre things to take. My copy of The History Boys script, signed by Alan Bennett, and my nice CD collection of Ballroom music I acquired in London were left intact. I guess the thieves are not admirers of British Theatre – or ballroom dancers.

I took a walk up to the supermarket with Barry, and thought I might as well pick up some vitamins while I was there. I was told “we keep them locked up because the people steal vitamins”. Hmmmm I thought. Ok.

That evening my three of my nieces and nephews came for dinner so there was a crowd around the table – great to see them specially since it was about 15 years since I had seen Nathan, who had just returned from several years as a Diving Instructor for one of the Caribbean cruise lines.

Tumbled into bed around midnight and slept as soundly as though I was at home in my own bed. Minimal problems with the time change so far. Hope it will be the same when I get back to Canada.

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