Friday, January 18, 2008

Coming Home? - Wednesday, Jan 16th, 08

Emerging from Customs into the warm slightly humid Cape air, I wondered how I would feel. My first visit to the place of my earliest memories, in almost 10 years – and the first time returning alone to Cape Town. Would there be a sense of returning home? Probably no. Vancouver has been home for a long time now.

But standing at the barrier were my two brothers-in-law, Barry and Brin, whom I have known since I was a teenager, madly in love with their older brother, and Brin’s wife, Sherida – and immediately it felt as if I had never been away. We drove to Barry and Carole’s place, in the same building as Brin and Sherida, with a great view of the ocean, Atlantic Ocean that is. Carole was still at work but the others had taken the day off and we decided to drive out to the Blauberg Strand area so Brin could surf. And we could take a long walk on the beach. For the non-Afrikaans speakers among you, Blauberg means blue mountain and Strand is the word for beach.

I am going to post this now to see whether my photos will load or if I have to compress them.


Mellowdrama said...

Great photos ma!

Mellowdrama said...

trying again...great photos ma!