Sunday, January 20, 2008

Paternoster- further up the west coast - Sunday, January 20th, 08

Paternoster - residences on the beach Marvellous beach- freezing water -oh well!

Barry and I were up and off for our beach walk at Langebaan quite early this morning. The wind was not quite as strong morning but for the first part of the walk along the water’s edge the wind was in our faces. There is something about the tang of sea air that is not like any other wind. Maybe it raises vestigial memories of the waters our progenitors emerged from millions of years ago. Have I got my time frame right? I know it’s not 6,000 years – oops, no sarcasm, this is a travelblogue not a polemic on evolution and intelligent design. Anyway for whatever reason, wind blowing off the sea is specially invigorating.

Back to the cottage for coffee and my yogurt, fruit and nuts – a creature of habit, I confess. And then we set off for an hour drive up the coast to visit Paternoster, a fishing village, which, like most of these places is undergoing major development. Ironically, the style of housing is more like the Greek island villas than the Mykonos development we visited yesterday. The beach shown here is at Paternoster.

Now we are back at the cottage and packing up to return to Cape Town. Tonight Brin is cooking his spaghetti Bolognese specialty with a meat sauce to die for! I decided its about time I read the manual for my camera – so ciao till later.

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